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I like the fact that so many use this service and I think it’s a great service. I’m sure however that you and other visitors can see ways to improve it. So my question to you is: what is the single thing I could improve to make your visits more productive and pleasant? Is there something in the design or some function you want to have?

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  1. 400+ blogs? I know you’re verifying manually, but surely there’s a way to get more. Maybe you can have a set of automatically detected but not yet verified blogs that are clearly flagged as such in the results?

  2. @Dave: A month ago I would have thought it a great idea, but with the quality of the blogs I’m sifting through at the moment I’m not that tempted. If I can improve the quality of my “queue” I’ll give it another thought.

    @Stephani: That would make this a dofollow directory, which it’s not. It’s a search engine and will most likely stay that way. I might think about themed pages with “pre made” searches where the posts are ranked for a combination of keywords.

    @Stock and Jordans: Yeah, pagerank seems like an obvious choice. Jordan, I’m guessing you’re thinking of inbound links? I don’t know, definitely pagerank before links.

  3. I think that Jordan was talking about the outbound links. You see if one page has a PR 3 and 10 outbound links, and another has the same PR but 100 outbound links, you will get 10 times less PR benefit from a link from a second page than you would from the first one. So a number of outbound links is important.
    Also, I wouldn’t suggest posting on blogs with 1000+ outbound links, since these sites might look like link farms to search engines.

  4. Probably a do follow blog list by niche but i am guessing it’s really hard since all the blogs need to be checked manually.This kind of lists require a lot of time and effort to be made and it’s a pity that some people spam the crap out of these blogs and they become nofollow.

    PS: I hope you don’t mind if i add your blog to my Do Follow List.It’s small yet only ~120 blogs with their pagerank but i update it every day.

  5. Id agree with catherine, premade searches would be the best way to go about it.

  6. I agree with the other guys: This would be an even better service if you offered DoFollow blogs to comment on, and if we could sort them by PR and also by Category/Niche.

    I’m going to check out more of the blog now. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you keep working on this cool service! 😀
    – Neoglitch

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