What should I improve

I like the fact that so many use this service and I think it’s a great service. I’m sure however that you and other visitors can see ways to improve it. So my question to you is: what is the single thing I could improve to make your visits more productive and pleasant? Is there something in the design or some function you want to have?

Eleven thousand blog posts

Well obviously not on this blog but in the do follow search engine. Enough for everyone to find relevant blog posts to comment and gain valuable backlinks (if you don’t find anything just comment here and we’ll target the subject when we include more blogs). We’re adding more blogs every week and the blogs already in our index are scanned daily so our database will not only continue to grow it’ll grow faster and faster.

Launching DoFollow Search

This is the first post on the DoFollow Search Blog. If you have anything to say about DoFollow Search you can leave a comment here.

For those who are wondering DoFollow Search is a search engine indexing blog posts from dofollow blogs. As I write this it has indexed 5227 posts from 285 blogs. More blogs are added on a daily basis.