Go Mobile

Have your site gone mobile yet? I recently changed the template used on this blog to one with a responsive layout. I also changed the adsense ads to a responsive ad unit. Why is this important? Because Google cares.

In a world where more and more people use “mobile” devices to access the web, and given the fact that browsing the web on mobile devices are different from desktop browsing, Google decided to differentiate the results depending on what browser is used to do the search. Mobile friendly sites will rank higher on searches made from mobile devices from now on. So go make your site mobile friendly, now.

Always add content

There’ll be times when you’ll be struggling to find something to write on your blog. At those times you should remember that the fact that you’re adding content is almost as important as what you’re adding. Adding content shows that you’re dedicated to your site and that you have something to add.

But doesn’t quality count? Yes it does, but when you’re trying to fill your site with information everything doesn’t have to be ground breaking. If it adds value for your visitors you can add it to your site, and if your after long tail searches you might be well served just by adding lots of content that someone might find interesting or useful. Don’t add just anything though, make sure it actually adds value to the site.

If it’s original, on topic and well written, you’re good to go.

Teaching Yourself Success

Do you like to succeed? It sure feels good to, doesn’t it. Some people seem to succeed every time they do something while other fail at most things.

The question of why do some succeed and some don’t would be really interesting to have an answer to. It turns out that, not surprisingly, people have spent considerable time to try and find that answer and research indicates that something that could be called grit has a lot to do with it. The ability to just keep going makes the difference. If at first you fail, just try again, and again, and again.

But what do you do if you’re one of those that tries and fails and thinks; “nah, it’s not for me”?

Set yourself goals that you will reach. Make them so easy to reach that you guarantee success. Does it feel like cheating, it isn’t. It’s teaching you to succeed.

If you want to write a novel, start by writing a word or two a day for three weeks. Don’t bother about being coherent either. Three weeks later you’ll have something like thirty words written. That’s not a novel you say, and no it isn’t, but you’ve succeeded in writing on your novel for over twenty consecutive days and you’ve begun to establish a habit of writing. For the next three weeks write four words a day, no, you’re not a writer yet so keep it simple. Next step might be to make sentences by adding words.

You’ve teaching yourself a habit, and you’re teaching yourself to succeed and perhaps most important of all; you’re teaching yourself grit.

3 Things You Should Do When Commenting on Blogs

This site is, at least has been up til now, pretty much all about commenting on blogs. It even has a (sorely in need of some love) search engine for dofollow blogs. But from the comment moderation I do on this site I can say that the general quality of comments is frighteningly low. It’s obvious that most comments come from bots or from people with little time.

Commenting on blog posts can be a nice way to market your site if you just follow some simple guidelines. They’re not hard to do and they will cost you nothing but time. Let’s go through them one at a time.

First, read the blog post you’re commenting on, at least browse it. Trust me, this will prove important in step two. It might seem simple, but trust me, most people posting comments on this blog post will not have read this far.

Second, make your comment connect to the content of the blog post. Ask a question, disagree, agree, expand on the subject, write something to make the author believe you actually read, and care about, what he wrote. This is important, because it makes it that much harder to delete your comment from the moderation queue and so much easier to approve it. Authors wants comments that add value to the page.

Third, do you actually want a link from the site. Getting links from sites relating to your own will help you. A bunch of links from questionable sites will harm you.

You want the really pro tip about commenting on blogs? Read through to the end, at least read the end and make sure you comment on something right near the end. Remember when I said that most people don’t read the full post? One blogger wrote at the end of his post that the first reader to post a specific word in his/her comment would win a prize. The winning comment came in on page four of the comments. Imagine that, you could have won the prize, had I been that guy.